L. M. Makati City, Philippines

I want you to know that I have lost 35 lbs since I joined your Buteyko class last October. As of now, I am still doing some of the exercises. I have also not experienced any asthma attacks since doing Buteyko. Read More »

M.M. (Manila, Philippines )

“I am no longer taking steroids or any sort of asthma medications…and I feel great. No asthma or angina episodes of any sort for almost 2 months. My BP is average 145/85 – down from 160/95. My pulse rate is 80-90 – down from 105-110. My cardiologist is very pleased with my progress and sees it having a “domino effect” as far as healing my body is concerned. If m... Read More »

LEWIE ARGOSO, Manila, Philippines.

Its been two months now that I am enjoying my new life. No ventolin, no nebulizer, no wheezing in my chest, above all no asthma attack. Thanks to Buteyko Method being the safe and effective alternative for the management of asthma, I can do whatever I want to do without fear of an asthma attack. Jac, thank you for bringing Buteyko Method here in the Philippines. GOD BLESS!!! Read More »

S A, Hong Kong

” It’s now a year since that relapse/breakthrough I had when I emailed you. Since then, no medications of any kind (I’ve even given up my vit C and other ‘healthy’ pills) and not one cold or flu. The pollution is no better so it’s a great success…. you were right about everything.” Read More »

Kerrie-Anne Rees, Taree, NSW, Australia

“I would, just like to send you my thanks Jac, for changing my life.. since doing Buteyko, I am a complete different person, I am now 35 kilo’s lighter as I am no longer Steroid dependant, I can breathe with ease and I feel terrific. I have only been, on steroids once, since your workshop 12 months ago, My G.P. cannot believe the improvement in my Asthma, when I tell people I was a Chr... Read More »

NT, Manila, Philippines

“I don’t hyperventilate as much anymore. On the few occasions that I do, I just do the exercises. I always feel much better afterwards. I rarely get headaches now and my overall well-being is so much better. With my friend ,N., the change has been really dramatic! She’s very, very happy she took your workshop. After we wrote you regarding her cough and bout with the flu, she took... Read More »

JL, Hong Kong

“I am very happy to report that I have been free of asthma, colds and flu for the first time in my life while visiting here at my mother’s home in Birmingham. Besides using Buteyko I am taking a low dose of Flixotide – very different from numerous puffs of Bricanyl every day with regular attacks!” Read More »

J.H. (Bangkok, Thailand)

“Before practicing Buteyko I was taking my ventolin to a dance class. Three months after I started practicing, I climbed a mountain to 12,000 feet above sea level without any medication whatsoever.” Read More »

TJ, Manila, Philippines

“Snoring has decreased if not ceased. I am better at breathing – especially when I go to the gym for aerobic exercise. All the benefits in my health like no asthma attacks for over a year, I attribute to the Buteyko Method. I’ve also lost much weight since the workshop.” Read More »

MG, (Manila, Philippines)

“Prior to learning the Buteyko Method, I had been suffering from hideous sinus allergy attacks for several years. The doctors kept giving me progressively stronger types of anti-histamines which I took on a regular basis. After only a couple of days of doing Buteyko, my sinus allergies were gone and my medicine intake was completely eliminated. I couldn’t believe it. I now have a lower... Read More »

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