PA, Hong Kong

“I got a tremendous amount out of the sessions. Apart from the tangible benefits of reducing ventolin intake, better sleep and an improved sense of well being, I came away with something much more valuable. This is a sense of being back in control, and not being on an inevitable downhill slide to inactivity and difficulty over the next 20 years or so. As someone who has suffered from asthma ... Read More »

JMZ – Manila, Philippines

This is my long overdue testimonial about the Buteyko method. I have been an asthmatic ever since I was in Preschool. This pretty much hampered my athletic activities when I was a kid because I could only do so much before I wore out from breathlessness and exhaustion. This went on through college; I had to take a minimum of 3 doses of my inhaler daily…even more if I had to engage in physica... Read More »

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